The Automotive Free Clinic Welcomes You

The Automotive Free Clinic is a race-conscious institution that repairs disadvantaged people's cars for free or low cost.  Our logo, the two-thumbed fist is from one of our heroes, Hunter S. Thompson's run for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado.


Who We Are

Our members are regular, working class people who want to serve the community and make people's live's easier.  

What We've Done

  • Repaired 130 vehicles

  • Donated three vehicles to needy community members

  • Secured a brick and mortar shop

  • Started an automotive technology podcast called Nismo Neal and the Professor

  • Launched a Right to Repair Campaign


Tired of paying for maintenance all at once.  Ask us about our maintenance plans. 


Contact The Automotive Free Clinic

1259D South Memorial Drive, Prattville, Alabama 36067

Repairs and Services:

Montgomery: 5104596733

Birmingham: 2104227813

Media: 2056126191